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My curatorial proposal, "A Storied Collective," was selected for SPRING / BREAK Art Show, on view now - during Armory Arts Week - through Sunday, March 6th!  My exhibition is on view in room #4015.


A Storied Collective

This exhibition stems from recent studio visits with artists steeped in the act of collecting: a defiant gesture where meaning is copied, pasted and subsequently redefined through ownership.  Each object these artists collect possesses a bounty of personal and social histories that intertwines with the artists’ vision.  Working with music, sound, collage, found objects, ephemera, and even the deceased, these visual archivists reframe anonymous and distant histories into a context that is intimate, relevant and pertinent to the present-day.  Working largely behind-the-scenes in the private sanctuaries of their studios, these artists selectively copy and paste the rich associations, stories and textures of their respective collections into a composition that reads as familiar yet utterly unorthodox in context.



Linda La Bella

Brendan Carroll

Ronald Hall 

Stephanie Lindquist

Glendalys Medina

Sylvanus Shaw

Ian Trask




Independent Curator